Introduction to customization process

1.Choose your needed items and let me know your specific request.
(Such as. colors,size,need quantities,and so on)
2.Let me know your LOGO or artwork and custom specifically craft.
(Pls let me know your idea and design the LOGO for you if you have not the LOGO and artwork)
3.Design renderings and quotes based on your specific requirements after you are satisfied.
(The quotation requires specific logos, colors, craftsmanship and corresponding quantities)
4.Confirm the cost and choose the shipping method and place the sample order and wait for the production.
5.Confirm the sample by video and pictures when it is completed,then shipping to you or can place the bulk order directly.
(If you are not satisfied with the sample, you can re-adjust and proof it, but you will need to pay a certain fee. If the sample does not follow your requirements, you can re-proof it for free.)


Introduction to customization craftmanship

Apparel customization craftsmanship: Embroidery/heat transfer/sublimation/hot stamping/foaming/color reflective/silk screen printing/digital direct injection/patch embroidery/printing/embossing, etc.
Other products customization craftsmanship: To be continued!

The cost description

The components of cost are as follows:
1.The first part of cost is products based cost which is website show unit price(If bulk order,the unit price will be discounted).
2.The second part of cost is custom version fee which is the cost of making a version based on your LOGO and pattern which is a fixed fee. That is to say, each LOGO, drawing plate and corresponding craftsmanship require a corresponding making fee.
3.The third part of cost is unit customization fee which is the unit fee calculated based on your quantity and specific process unit consumables. And it can reduce costs in the process of increasing quantity.
4.The fourth part of cost is packaing cost which will reasonable charged when you have specific or special packaging requirements or packaging customization;.
5.The fifth part of cost is shipping cost,which will charged when the quantities and shipping method confirm and pay the order,or charged before shipping(Only use if the production period is relatively long or multiple batches need to be sent separately shipping or variable shipping costs during peak international shipping seasons).
6.The other/extra fee which is depending on the different trade terms, additional fees may be charged during transportation and customs clearance, or the customer may make new demands after payment is made, such as adjusting the packaging and transportation methods of the order, etc.